TD Series

These are true thoroughbreds. No expense is too great. No detail has been left to chance. The TD series are true destination loudspeakers. The last loudspeaker you will ever want to buy.

Image of TD1.2 Raidho Stand Mount speakers

Raidho TD1.2 Stand Mount Loudspeaker

If you were only to judge this speaker by its size, you would be fooled. The TD1.2 has a personality that thinks it is twice the size. This is probably one of the best stand-mount loudspeakers, currently on the market. Regardless of price. Just the amount of awards this loudspeaker has received is simply mindboggling.

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Image of Raidho TD2.2 Floor Standing speakers

Raidho TD2.2 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

If you imagine that the TD2.2 is just a TD1.2 with another bass driver, you would be mistaken! The TD2.2 takes the series to the next level. When you listen to this loudspeaker you will immediately think: how can anyone possibly want anything more than this?

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Image of Raidho TD3.2 Floor Standing speakers

Raidho TD3.2 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The beautiful looks of the TD3.2 hold a3-way speaker that can deliver real-life dynamics and authentic sound that is as live and true as the artist wanted it to be. This loudspeaker can portray real full-range sound while fitting perfectly in any interior.

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Image of Raidho TD3.8 Floor Standing speakers

Raidho TD3.8 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The TD3.8 is built around two of our new 8”drivers, similar to the ones in the mighty TD6, reproducing its stunning dynamics. In a more modest-sized room, you can create almost the same sound experience as the much more expensive TD6, making the TD3.8 one of the best-selling Raidho products.

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Image of Raidho TD4.2 Floor Standing speakers

Raidho TD4.2 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The TD4.2 is the first in the TD line with a true MTM configuration. This makes for an enormous holographic sound stage, but this configuration also makes the loudspeaker easier to integrate into the room acoustics as the dispersion is controlled.

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Image of Raidho TD4.8 Floor Standing speakers

Raidho TD4.8 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The mighty TD4.8 does not only build on a true MTM system but also a massive 6 x 6,5” bass driver. This enables the loudspeaker to play full range at almost any SPL in virtually any difficult room. This loudspeaker is a cost-no-object masterpiece.

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Image of Raidho TD6 Floor Standing speakers

New Raidho TD6 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

This is State of the Art in HiFi loudspeakers. The TD6 is a truly unique musical performer and intended for those who wish to come as close to the “real thing” as possible. If you are one of the lucky ones to own this loudspeaker, you will be able to have the concert and the best seat in your house. When you want it. What an enormous privilege.

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