TD Crossover

The heart of everyloudspeaker is the crossover. As they are often tucked away inside the speaker,they do not always deserve thelight of day. But inthe case with Raidho, and especially for the TD series, the crossovers aresmall or even large pieces of art. Theuse of Mundorfcomponents is extensive and how they are mounted and put together is jawdropping. They are hardwired, pointto point and donecompletely by hand. The cables that is used to bind all the components togetheris Nordost cables. Even in thecrossover itself! This is a true testament to how far Raidho is willingto go in pursuit of the ultimate in every detail.

All of the internal wirings inside the speaker are done with high-End Nordostcables using the famous Monofilament structure. The standard is the orse technology, but it also possible to upgrade it to TSC from the Odin line.

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