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X Series

The goal of this series is to deliver extreme performance for the money. Although they can hardly be categorized as cheap, the amount of performance you get is staggering.

Image of Raidho X1t speakers

New Raidho X1t Super Mini Monitor

This little marvel of a loudspeaker is a lot more super than it is mini. It will leave you memorizing how such a large and holographic sound can come from something that is essentially no larger than a shoebox.

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Image of two Raidho Small Speakers

New Raidho X1.6 Stand Mount Loudspeaker

Everything you could wish from a stand-mount loudspeaker. A performance masterpiece at this price, where you will be hard-pressed to find its equal. Easily compare to products that cost twice as much.

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Image of Raidho X2t speaker

New Raidho X2t Floor Standing Loudspeaker

When it comes to the visual appearance of compact floor-standing loudspeakers, it does not get more elegant and beautiful than this. Even the bass reflex port looks like no other. But the real standout for this product is the unbeatable performance.

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