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Raidho X2.6

An elegant High End floor standing loudspeaker of the highest order.

Raidho Acoustics, renowned for pushing the boundaries of audio engineering, proudly announces the world premiere of their latest offering in the X series. The X series stands for eXtreme performance for the price. Of course, these are not cheap products, by any standard. But the brand newX2.6features a tweeter that is derived from the TD 6. A EUR 230.000 statement speaker. It is also built inhouse in Denmark with drive units that are built by hand.

The Goal

The ambitions of the X2.6 are basically the same as any Raidho speaker. We try to achieve:

• Extremely low level of noise / coloration of the sound

• Dramatic, energetic sound with a very wide soundstage

• Hear every detail, but no fatigue

• Very easy to listen to

• A unique sonic holography

• The sound appears right out of the blue

• Very authentic and close the original

The Bottom End

The loudspeaker rests not on spikes, but on a very smartly constructed feet with integrated decoupling. This speaker itself stands on ceramic balls which are not visible from the outside. This setup works wonders for the sound but does not damage the floor. The beautifully integrated bass reflex ports are possible to dampen so the bass does not overpower smaller rooms. The connections may look small and inferior, but are actually designed to give the best possible contact to your cables and the crossover.

Made in Denmark

In Pandrup, Denmark we have our own unique production of drive units, crossovers, and assembly line. We are proud to say that we have our own dedicated team which extraordinary skills which makes the quality of Raidho come to life. True craftsmanship and passion for every single detail are in our hearts.

Image of the back from a Raidho Acoustics Driver

Raidho Series X
Drive Unit

This drive unit is not only highly advanced and built in-house in Denmark, but is also a piece of art.

The result is that the speakers disappear even more from the equation, drawing a soundscape without audible distortion and with a pitch-black background that made the instruments stand out and create holographic sound stage.

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Image of a Raidho Driver from the back

Raidho Series TD
Drive Unit

This is truly a unique and revolutionary drive unit! 100% developed and build inhouse by Raidho. The goals was simple: no coloration and outstanding dynamic capabilities.

The motor comprises of a very strong magnet (N52 Neodymium) with an unseen even magnet field, coupled with an underhung titanium voice coil. This arrangement gives the drive unit the most powerful underhung magnet system in the world. The benetfit from an underhung voicie coil over the traditional overhung, is that it is much more linear and better dynamic capabilities. The result is perfect transient response with no measurable distortion.

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Image of a Raidho Tweeter

The Legendary Raidho Ribbon Tweeter

Our proprietary, trademark ribbon tweeter is a unique design. It is completely designed and build by hand in-house in Denmark. To be exact, it is a Planar Magnetic Tweeter due to the tracks in the foil. The foil is 11 micron thick, which means it is 50 times less mass in comparison to a conventional dome tweeter. This is because there is no voice coil and the extreme low weight of the foil (20 milligram). The result is virtually no resonances or distortion, and the breakup point is at an incredible 82 KHz! What you hear is amazing clear and natural sound. All the detail in the world, but no fatigue, no distortion, and no coloration!

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Our Awards

What the press is saying about the

Raidho X2.6


“The X2.5 simply disappeared as a sound source, filling the large room with a wide, deep, highly defined soundstage populated with tangible images. The X2.6 shared the stage with the mighty TD6 ($210k euros). Based on the X2.6’s huge soundstage, one could believe that the TD6 was playing, not the smaller speaker. The X2.6’s bass was more than adequate to fill the big room. On a price-to-performance basis, the 21,000 euro Raidho X2.6 was one of the show’s most remarkable debuts.”

Best Sound at the Munich Show 2024 (Cost considered)


Technical Information


Bass Loading
Crossover Point
140 Hz + 3.5 kHz
Frequency Range
32 Hz – 50 KHz
87 dB 2.83 V
Nominal Impedance
>6 ohm
Power Requirement
Black piano and white piano are standard. But custom colors are available on request.
Dimensions WxHxD, mm
360 x 1065 x 410 mm, including feet.
Enclosure WxD, mm
Vented design. Port s in the rear
Weight, kg
30 kg
> 100 W
Width external, cm
A & B
Width inside, cm
A & B
Depth, cm
A & B
Height external, cm
A 12,4
B 25,2
Height inside, cm
A 8,7
B 21,5
A & B
Weight A, kg
Weight B, kg

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