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C 3.1 Speakers


“Never happened before... Until recently, the Raidho C3.0 was the largest and most powerful speaker in the C series.” Marc Mickelson - Soundstage

Just like the other models, we have made an effort to create just the right look for a cabinet containing so many units. Raidho has an unrivalled finish, with a solid feel when you give in to that irresistible urge to touch the exclusive veneer and millimetre-thick varnish. Technically, we have focused on arranging the units to give an optimal sound distribution, without strain, while the expression is clear, harmonious and powerful. Listening to a C3.0 you get the feeling of being at the centre of the musical experience. C3.0 simply picks up all the real sounds there are in the medium - loyally and in absolutely perfect balance.

The Raidho C3.0 enjoys great acclaim, with fine test results and reviews. ”The C3.0 is the impressive centre of Raidho’s C-line. Its uppermost treble sparkle and bit o’ honey along with keen soundstaging and bass that’s both deep and athletic make it one of the important speakers to hear in its price range. This is especially true for people who prefer big solid-state muscle, as this speaker can make good use of whatever power you can allot it. While all of the design touches make the Raidho C3.0 a unique speaker, its sound transforms it into something more than a mere curiosity. I’ll miss it.” Marc Mickelson - Soundstage
Read more about the difference between the C-3.0 and the new C-3.1 on the link " inside "
Raidho Acoustics C3.0

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